Waste Not, Want Not - Brocolli Stock Slaw

We in America waste way too much food.  I am striving to waste less.  Going vegan and incorporating juicing into my diet, I have found that I waste a LOT less.  Today I made a batch of vegan coleslaw.  Of course I didn't have any cabbage on hand, LOL - but, staring at me from my produce drawer were two GIANT brocolli stocks.  I had decided not to throw them in the compost a couple days ago when I made stirfry.  I figured I would probably juice them, although brocolli juice isn't my fave.  Instead, I was inspired to peel them (removing any dark spots from oxidization) and grate them on my box grater resulting in a pile of green goodness for a tasty slaw.  Next, I threw in a pile of freshly shredded carrots and a heaping scoop of vegenaise.  Lastly, I had half a jar of my pickled Cucumber Salad recipe in my fridge so I drained it and tossed it in as well.  This pungent, sweet and spicy flavored unami side dish is sure to be a hit with tonight's supper.  Waste Not, Want Not!  Take those leftovers and make something magic up.  Your wallet and your conscience will thank you!!

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