Eat The Rainbow!

The next time you go grocery shopping (especially with your Kids, if you have any) make it a point to buy something from the produce section in every color of the rainbow.  It's FUN!  I like to get it home, wash it, chop it and store it in a circular container that has individual compartments (see picture).  The one I have has a lid so whenever meal time rolls around, I just take it out and people can serve themselves.  This is a great way to encourage your kids (and you!) to try new vegetables (and fruits) in their purest form, RAW!  Buying organic is best, but don't beat yourself up if you buy a few things that aren't.  Just remember, Eat The Rainbow!  Your body and soul will thank you for filling them up with REAL FOOD!

RED:  Red Peppers, Cherry Tomatoes
ORANGE:  Carrots, Orange Peppers
YELLOW:  Summer Squash, Yellow Peppers
GREEN:  Zucchini, Spinach, Kale, Mixed Greens
BLUE:  Blueberries
PURPLE:  Purple Cabbage, Eggplant

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