Best Vegan Gravy Ever

I had to refrain from licking my counter top when I spilled a little of this magic gravy while transferring it to Mason Jars.  It is concoctions like this that make eating Vegan very easy.  Make some and you will know exactly what I'm talking about.  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  Blessings Eternal.

Best Vegan Gravy Ever
3 Small Sweet Yellow Onions (or 1 large one)
1 Carton Baby Bella Mushrooms (or Button Mushrooms)
1 Tablespoons Canola Oil
1/4 Bunch Fresh Parsley (washed)
1 Clove Fresh Garlic
Sea Salt and Black Pepper (to taste)
1 Cup Raw Whole Cashews (soaked overnight in water, rinsed and drained)
1 Pouch Massel Brand Liquid Stock "Chicken" Style*** (see notes below)

Makes Approximately Two Quarts.     

***If you can't find the Massel brand in your area I suggest ordering on-line. Here is where you can read about the Massel products.  They are absolutely fabulous and they are also ALL VEGAN and GLUTEN-FREE!  If you can't get your hands on Massel products, go ahead and substitute Vegetable Broth or Vegetable Bouillon Concentrate in this recipe.  

Directions:  Begin by rough chopping onions, mushrooms and add to a stainless steel saute pan with Canola Oil.  Saute on medium heat until translucent.  Add Sea Salt and Black Pepper, Parsley and Garlic.  Continue Sauteing until very golden brown or until it starts to stick to the pan forming "fronds".  Add 2 cup of water IF YOU ARE USING LIQUID STOCK CONCENTRATE and continue stirring mixture.  IF YOU ARE NOT USING CONCENTRATE, SUBSTITUTE VEGETABLE BROTH FOR WATER.  Turn off burner and remove from heat.  Set aside.

Put Cashews in Food Processor or High Powered blender and blend until fine.  When onion mixture is pretty cooled, add all to cashews and blend again.  Now add pouch of Massel Liquid Stock slowly, while processor is running.  Blend until smooth.  ADD MORE WATER IF MIXTURE IS TOO SALTY OR TOO THICK OR USE VEGETABLE STOCK. Taste test for Salt levels.  Store in glass jars in refrigerator until ready to use.  Warm gently in sauce pan for serving.  Makes about two quarts or enough for 12 servings.

Chef's note:   I realize the directions are not precise but it is because your salt levels will vary considerably based on whether you use concentrate.  The best tip I can offer is to add a little liquid at a time while processor is running and continue blending until mixture is silky smooth. Taste test for salt levels.  You want it to be a little salty as it is meant to be a rich gravy, but also remember, when you heat your gravy for service it will "reduce" a little rendering it a bit more salty.

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