Clean Out Your Damn Pantry & Buy Some Mason Jars!

Whether you are a foodie, or aspiring to be one, food is a whole lot more than a means to survive.  Food is your passion.  Or maybe it's just a hobby.  Either way, chances are your pantry wants to play along and wants to look pretty.  Not just for your snoopy houseguests over the holidays but for YOU.  Your pantry begs to be your servant.

Go out and buy a couple flats of Mason Jars of various sizes.  I suggest quart and pint size to start.  They only run about 10 bucks a flat at stores like Fresh N Easy, Smart N Final, Costco and Target.  Put them all in the dishwasher and get started on your pantry.

Take EVERYTHING out of your pantry.  Discard anything that is past it's due date.  Next comes organization.  One shelf should be for "sealed" goods, those that will not emit odors or spoil easily.  For example, canned goods, cartons of stocks, soups, milks, tubes and unopened condiments that do not require refrigeration.  Shelve them in such a way that you can see what you have, putting taller goods towards the back.

Another shelf should be for dried goods such as beans, grains, rice and pasta.  This is where your Mason Jars will be a welcome addition.  So when the jars are clean and dry, transfer any dried goods that come in plastic bags to these beauties.  Go ahead and use a black Sharpie pen to label them if you like but not really necessary since you can easily see what is inside.  However, if a bag contains cooking directions you would like to retain, write those directly on the jar!  

So depending on how many shelves you have in your pantry, you can get at organized as you want at this point.  I like to have one shelf for snacks such as chips, crackers, nuts, dried fruits and protein bars.  Put all the healthiest stuff in front so you and your kids see those first.

Got any pantry organization tips to share?  I would love to hear them!  Happy Holiday Season Everyone - Blessings And Love To You and Yours!!

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