Extreme Vegan Escapade

I think I am going a little nuts with My New Vegan Life. Literally, physically, figuratively, extremely, utterly, impossibly, hypothetically, nuts. I just shucked a half pound of peanuts and made my own peanut butter. I also whipped up a huge jar of vegan mayonnaise and a lovely batch of vegan peppered turkey.

And I'm just about to make a double batch of pizza dough. All of this from scratch and all using recipes that I made up. Okay really?!

I am NOT trying to brag. I am just saying I am an over achiever with this vegan cooking action and this is clear. My kitchen is wrecked. All of this and it's not even 2 o'clock! WTF is going on with me?!

Clearly I have serious excess energy to burn. Or maybe just way too much time on my hands. Whatever is going on, obviously I am NOT going hungry over here. Whoever said being vegan is hard, hasn't eaten my food. Stay tuned for new recipes. Thanks for listening to today's rant. Now who wants to eat?

Vegan Peppered Turkey - get the recipe here - http://chumbutt.blogspot.com/2013/04/vegan-peppered-turkey.html

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