18 Rainbow Garden Burgers

Chia Seeds.  Hemp Seeds.  Flax Seeds.  Quinoa.  These are words you might start to know well when becoming vegan.  Mmmmmm baby, love me some hemp seeds.  Today I made a hardcore experimental from scratch garden burger.  I can happily relay what I put in these puppies but please don't ask for specifics.  If you know me well, you know that recipes are hard to follow to any precise measurements when you are dying to be a truly CREATIVE home cook.  I just created these after over cooking some green rice (I made the rice green by using my pulp left over from juicing soaked in some organic veggie broth as the liquid for the rice - GENIUS).  I was enjoying my soy sauce and earth balance drenched rice when it dawned on me.  This frigging rice is reminiscent of ground beef.  Or maybe veal.  Maybe I should just throw a bunch of flavorful goodness together and make a patty of sorts.

12 hours later (I let the loaf freeze up in a cylinder before slicing my perfectly round patties) I had burgers.  18 of them.  So now my freezer is stocked for a quick burger (kind of) whenever the mood strikes me.  Ok, ok, so they didn't taste anything like actual beef but they did turn out delicious.  Somewhere of a cross between a traditional garden burger and falafel.  And yes they were fully equipped with chia seeds.  Unfortunately I didn't have any hemp seeds handy.  I'll go ahead and post the mash up that I used to create these bad boys.  Let's just make it a separate post for continuity sake.  Check ya later.

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