Cheese Lovers Anonymous

Had anyone approached me about becoming a vegan even two weeks ago I would have had the same response my girlfriend had when I mentioned it to her earlier.  That response is "no way could I do it".  This response would have boiled down to one word in my case, "CHEESE".  I have loved cheese since forever.  I'm always going to love cheese, whether I'm ingesting it or not.  Cheese is in every way, shape and form simply a food from the Gods.  I have decided that it will be my quest to find every possible vegan cheese recipe and experiment until I create something that resembles the real thing.  So far I have found interesting looking "nut-based" recipes for cheddar, cream cheese and my absolute fav, blue cheese.  So you can bet when I get my hands on some blue algae powder and dairy-free acidophilus I am going to attempt to make this smelly goodness - and bathe in it.

I guess it is technically day 4 of my vegan quest and so far, so good.  I'm actually a lot fuller than I thought I would be even though I haven't really been eating all that much bulk.  If all those movies are right then I guess this is because I was actually "starved" on the western diet and now that my body is getting the right nutrients it says "I don't need to eat constantly".  Who out there has a love affair with food like I do?  Who thinks about food from the minute you wake up until you pass out on your nice cold pillow?  Am I crazy?  I think not.  Besides, we do need food to survive right?!  And if I was anything like my own children, then before I could even eat actual food, I was eating all day, all night.

Today was a very good day.  My juicer arrived.  I bought a Breville - of course.  I mean who hasn't seen the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and then promptly purchased a Breville juicer?  I adore the impact media can have on society.  I also seriously love when I get things from Amazon in the mail.  The box remains unopened.  Until my husband gets home from work and can admire it's shininess and until we have bought pounds and pounds of veggie goodness to put in the damn thing, in it's box it shall remain.  There seems no point in unwrapping all that bubble wrap until I can use the monstrosity.

So next quest, juicing.  Mmmmmmm.... green juice.  I have no clue if I could actually subsist on just juice.  I mean I suppose never say never as I am telling myself and perhaps others along the way regarding veganism and other things.  The movie sure makes juicing looks glamourous and people swear by it.  I am all for trying new things.  If nothing less I will incorporate fresh juice into my regimen, I'm just not sure it can hold a candle to my vegan masterpieces on the plate, but we shall see.

-Ash (7 pounds down.  Werd!)

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