I Dream in Cream

Ok, that blog post title sounds particularly racy but that is just fine with this liberal chick over here.  I have been LOVING all of the blogs and websites out there dedicated to vegan cooking.  I mean, I knew they existed, but now, that I am lovingly creating new vegan dishes in my kitchen every day, they are a mainstay.  I promise to put credit where credit is due when I "steal" other people's recipes.  Unless I am baking, it's pretty unusual for me to follow a recipe to a tee.  In fact, it's an issue I have.

I figure that if there is wiggle room (as many vegan recipes permit) then I am free to wiggle and wander and usually that ends up towards something extra delicious.  Tonight's menu - aside from incessant snacking on all things good like my homemade almond cheese, I have a huge vat of vegetable broth simmering on my stove top with herbs from my garden and plenty of veggie and fruit pulp from my juicing today.

Juicing is awesome.  I felt kind of guilty the first few times I pitched the pulp into my compost bin (certain I was discarding some kind of miracle food) but then realized that at the rate I am juicing, pulp is going to be as plentiful as ever, so, I need not worry about utilizing every damn batch.  I also do not have a dehydrator so making crackers at this point is probably not an option but perhaps a low temp oven would work?  Anyway, I'll get there.  Let's get on to all things cream and why I dream in cream!!

Okay, so ever since I was very young I have incredible memories of things like cold butter, half n half, heavy whipping cream, and my love for them.  I've got more than enough stories about these things so I'll just start with one random memory that stands out at the moment (if you are interested).  I remember my Grandmother (Mother's Mother) eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes which I served her that she specifically asked me to pour heavy whipping cream over.  This memory stands out because she didn't visit us very often.  It also just so happens that while she was requesting this 1000 calorie bowl, the power had gone out in my rural home and so it was dark while she sat and ate her cereal.  Now I am pretty sure I had a bowl of it too.  I never found using cream and half n half in place of milk as strange, just indulgent.  My Mom taught me that sometimes using the richer milk fat can make all of the difference.  And she was right, it does.

So here I am, just under a month into My New Vegan Life and I have vowed that I will make rich, creamy, delectable food so that I never feel like I am missing out on ANYTHING.  Indulgent, after all, is my middle name.  Well, not really, but my parents should have thrown it in there somewhere.  I require indulgence.  It's my lifeblood.  So far here are the creamiest things that I have found on my new vegan quest (not in any particular order):

Coconut (duh!)
Cashews (and her wonderful nutty sisters)
Avocados (best fruit ever)

I am sure this list will grow and grow but for now, it's a start.  I will see you soon and let me know what you'd like to see in the way of recipes for the coming Spring holiday.  I am planning on making an UnBird like I saw on the Vegan Mashup.  Roasted veggies with cashew cream gravy wrapped in filo dough!  Um - yes please!!!  Anyone done that before?  It looked splendid.  Cheers!!  Time for wine.

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