Juicy, Juicy, Lucy, Goosy

Yesterday was a milestone.  I went to a birthday party where the fare was the furthest thing from vegan and I managed to resist all temptation.....well almost.  I did try the "Jungle Juice" but as soon as the artificial high fructose corn syrup entered my system, I knew I wouldn't be finishing my cup.  Fortunately there were tortilla chips and salsa and a small veggie tray so I was able to eat something.  It tripped me out to eat a carrot stick and resist dipping in the ranch, it's like second nature.  Auto pilot.  But I didn't do it.

I thought about bringing some of my own vegan fare to the event but decided it would be a good experience to test myself since this is going to be part of my life now.  I better get used to it.  My husband of course was in meat heaven.  The buffet offered hot links, baked beans covered in bacon, buttery corn, chicken wings, thick ham slices and get this, freshly roasted turkeys!

Now I'm not going to lie, the turkey smelled incredible but as tempted as I was, I refrained.  A week into my new life, I'm not going to let any bird get the best of me.  It helped that there were live geese roaming the grounds of the event location.  One look at those geese and I was fine resisting the turkey.  Now we will see what my tune is come Thanksgiving, but that is months away.  Obviously I will be roasting a turkey for my family.  I think one of the hardest things about being vegan now, is NOT that I am still cooking meat (no issues there) but that I can't TASTE it as I'm preparing it.  As a home cook, tasting your food is key, so my husband is just going to have to fill this role.  Poor him!  LOL.

Now on to juicing, finally put the new Breville to the test.  We juiced a whole cacophony of things and some tasted better than others.  I've decided that for now, I'm not going to just juice for sustenance.  I like chewing too much. That time may come but it's not now.  My ideal intention is to juice at least once every other day.  Today it was 2 apples, 10 carrots, broccoli, kale, swiss chard stems, golden beet stems, spinach and carrot greens.  Wicked cool.  Hubby and I are officially excited about all the new creations.

Last note, super stoked, 9 pounds officially gone!  On to week number 2.... now I'm really craving a bowl of chumbutt.

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