Setting Up Camp in My Body

Every since I was little I never liked being in a body very much.  No this isn't because I have been overweight (at least I don't think so).  I'll admit that may have contributed to my clumsiness growing up but it's not the reason.  Frankly, I'm just more at peace in my soul, head, and heart than I am in my physical form.  I've always been a dreamer.  Someone who finds comfort in visions of all things non-earthly.  I connect with people based on energy and while body language may play a close second, it's got nothing on the etherial complexities I thrive on in myself and others.

This week has been an excellent test of my will power and of my ability to think outside the box.  I was always one of those people who never even considered going vegan.  I have a brother who has been vegan for over twenty years.  I can't tell you how many times I urged him to taste one of my culinary creations that contained meat or dairy.  I used to wonder how he did it and now I'm learning just how.  Wow!  How life can change overnight!  My father and step-mother are also 95% vegan and they are excellent resources for me on this journey.  I feel truly blessed to have such an incredibly supportive family.

Yesterday I joined an online vegan community and immediately received positive reinforcement from fellow vegans.  I am so happy to live in the electronic social media era where free, unbridled human support is just a click away.  It was refreshing to hear from others who like cheese as much as I do and folks who, like me, are newbies to this new way of life.  I am thrilled there are so many supportive folks out there who have been exactly where I am now.

Maybe once I've been at this for awhile I will actually start enjoying being in my body more.  Up until now, I have always found the body to be so restricting.  It's starting to dawn on me I just may have never pitched the tent.  So now I'm clearing a spot to do just that.  Next up, the fire pit!

Yesterday I also made vegan sour cream using cashews.  Now while it really doesn't taste like actual sour cream, it certainly has qualities that are reminiscent of this creamy goodness and I can't wait to put a big old dollop on a bowl of vegetarian chili or whip up some vegan cheesecake.  Hooray for nuts and their creamy qualities.  Interestingly, I was inspired to make this sour cream because I found a recipe for vegan aged swiss cheese that called for it.  I'll keep you posted when I tackle this.  I need cheesecloth stat!

Happy Hump Day Universe!  Let's Rock N' Roll and make this body-life camp our bitch!

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