Day 5, Make Me an Instrument of Thy Cream!

I know I'm capable of continuing to be a vegan so long as I can emulate creamy, rich, full-body flavors in my culinary creations.  Ways I have discovered how to do this thus far:  nuts, coconuts, soy, legumes and vegetables.  One might be shocked at how easy this actually is if you know what you're doing in the kitchen.  It's amazing the creamy textures that can be achieved with these natural ingredients.  Let's start with Hummus, one of my personal favs.  Yesterday I created a layer dip of hummus (Trader's Joes brand but making your own is easy too), my creamy green sauce and finely diced caramelized onions (deglazed with red wine, of course).  Consuming this creamy deliciousness was every bit as satisfying as a bowl of ranch dressing, french onion dip or, dare I say it, blue cheese (something I never thought I would say about anything).  I figure that so long as I can continue to have rich foods while eating vegan, this will be a piece of cake.

Now let's switch gears and discuss what I bought today at the Farmer's Market to begin juicing  Please note, I have not yet used my new Breville juicer.  I opened it.  I looked at it.  I admired it.  Soon it's parts will be sudsy and I will put it's magic to use.  When I do, I'll be sure and let you know.

Today's organic scores:  Pink Lady Apples, Lacinato Kale, Red Chard, Spinach, Broccoli, Golden Beets, Carrots and Lemons.  I have washed and prepped all produce for raw consumption and I'm sure much of it will end up being juice.  My husband is excited to start juicing with me.  He's been so supportive of my new endeavors.  Feeling really blessed right now just to be where I am and continuing to be motivated.  The Western Diet was way too easy to follow but was definitely not going to afford me the years on my life I'm confident the Vegan Diet will add.

But now back to reality and why I'm so totally not perfect.  I'm still smoking cigarettes, about a half a pack a day.  I decided I wasn't going to tackle quitting smoking while I'm busy changing everything else about my daily injest routine.  To date, I only quit smoking cigarettes when I was pregnant.  I have smoked since I was 13 so that means I have smoked for about 22 years.  God that sounds awful.  Certainly it's fluctuated over the years but if I'm being honest, let's just say I'm seriously disgusted by myself.  This addiction has power over me in a sickening way.  Why the hell do I love to smoke so much?  Yuck.

Perhaps after I've gotten veganism down I will tackle this nasty habit.  For now, I'll just admit it and tell you how so totally not proud I am of myself.  And in the news with my other vices, morning cup of the strongest coffee you can imagine with cream (currently soy creamer, though I hear coconut variety is good too) and very rich, robust, red wine in the evenings.  I adore any good Cab but my tastes have gotten a bit more snobbish in my older years.  As long as it costs more than ten dollars a bottle, I'll probably drink it.  And Merlot.  And Pinot Noir.  And Petite Shiraz.  And Zinfandel.  And Meritage.  Ok you get the point, I like red wine, not white.  Thank 'effing God wine is vegan.

Seeing a theme here?!  I am a VERY indulgent human being.  I like my food rich.  Coffee rich.  Wine rich.  Now if only my husband were rich too....  Now that would be dangerous.  Day 5, in the bag.  One thing at a time.  Breathe baby....Breathe....

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