Its All Gotta Go...

Purging your pantry is always a very good thing to do.  Particularly when you have not been grocery shopping for a week and are running out of things.  Things that you don't want to buy anymore.  Today's task:  purge Monsanto and all of it's slimy cousins.  For most of my life I have ascribed to the "Ignorance is Bliss" way of thinking.  Even though I am the furthest thing from an ignorant human being.  I chose to play ignorant out of laziness, laxidaisical attitude, and because I had more important things to focus on then learning where my food comes from.  I grew up eating very healthy.  Sure, my food was smothered in butter but it was still healthy.  In Arcata, my hometown, our community was eons ahead of the rest of America about words like "green", "organic", "sustainable", "communal" and the true meaning of "raw".  Now 30 some years later it cracks me up that these things sometimes come across as being thought of as trendy when really they are just plain right.  Thank heavens for trendiness.  What my parents taught me was actually all true.

P.S.  day 3 of vegan living is a-maz-ing.  I have never felt fuller or more satisfied in my entire life.  I can't wait to start making my own vegan cheese.  The store bought stuff is kind of booty.  Let's do that soon. xox

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