Soy This and Soy That, Let's Make Coconut Something.

I am a huge fan of soy and now that I am vegan that is certainly to my benefit, however, I am going to do my best to not over do it.  There seems to be a great deal of mixed reviews on soy and two things I don't want to encounter are any hormone imbalances (aside from any I'm already experiencing naturally as a 35 year old woman) and anything that might produce too much mucous.  Ever since I can remember I have always adored tofu, also a very good thing.  I actually grew up eating a lot of vegan food it was just often served with a side of meat and always some dairy snuck in there, usually, in the form of butter.  Oh butter, how I do miss you and remember you fondly!  It's fantastic that there are many soy alternatives and I am on a mission to study up and incorporate these into my daily routines.  Any suggestions out there?

Current obsession, COCONUT.  In every form.  It's another one of those things I have always loved, now I'm just finding a lot more ways to eat and drink it.  Today I found an excellent raw coconut ice cream recipe online.  When I give it a go (I'm sure I'll be making some modifications) I will post the recipe with my additions/subtractions.  I was thinking it would be awesome to make some ice cream using pure coconut cream (not the watery milk) and some really tender young coconut meat.  Seriously.  I am drooling right now.  I better get my ice cream machine dusted off...

In fact, I'm having an epiphany right now, I make an incredible Peanut Sauce using coconut cream.  How does a Peanut Sauce Ice Cream sound!?  OK, maybe without the tamari and garlic...but maybe not.  It could be killer.  I know, maybe a little strange, but, then again you haven't tried my peanut sauce.  I made it the first couple days I went vegan and I was literally licking my plate.  It tastes like pure creamy, fatty, luxuriousness... on it's own and served aside everything.

Time to make some and get a recipe up for you guys for both Peanut Sauce and Coconut Ice Cream and likely a fusion of the two.  The more unique the better, right?!  Blogging = Creative Juices Flowing.  You have been so very patient for new recipes and the new blog format with recipes in their own corner.

I will get on that ASAP but can you find me a Nanny or something?!  My 2 and 3 year old boys are a little demanding of Mama Ash's time.  Well folks out there, it is almost TGIF!  I hope you all have some great weekend plans.  I will be going to farmer's markets and hanging out with my pregnant BFF who is coming to visit me.  Yay for house guests!  Did I tell you I LOVE to entertain?   I am an amazing hostess.  I actually was planning on starting a supper club this year.  Now I'm thinking of starting a bay area vegan supper club.  Anyone local to the San Francisco area interested in joining up?  Let's brainstorm!  See you soon.

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