Top Notch Breakfast Potatoes

At some point I would be happy to break down most of the components which comprise this plate. However, not all because one of the crowning hot sauces is not my creation. It is called La Vic's Orange Sauce purchased from La Victoria Taqueria in San Jose, California. And it is fricking amazing. And it is VEGAN in spite of what tabloids you might encounter in your Google searches.

Unfortunately, they will NOT reveal their secret recipe. My husband who frequents their establishments has done his best to get the inside scoop on what is in there but they won't budge. They claim it has no nuts and only offered it contains 4 types of peppers. Other than that it is up to you to figure it out. I dare you.

I am pretty confident it has a large amount of some type of oil as it does separate when stored to some extent. Oh man is this sauce good. If you can handle the lingering heat. We can and we put this stuff on everything. You will too if you can get your mitts on some.

The plate pictured is made up of the following ingredients piled high:

Raw baby spinach.
Basic olive oil sauteed cubed russets with fresh thyme, rosemary, salt and pepper.
Dollop of homemade salsa
Dollop of homemade sour cream made from cashews
Dusting of fresh cilantro
Generous drizzle of La Vic's Orange Sauce

Sounds complicated and fancy - it isn't. Go make yourself some and you can tackle the rest of your day with full, well belly vigor. See you soon - one day to TGIF. Baseball season in full swing! #sfgiantsfanforlife

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