Veganism, It's Easier Than You Think

This was one of the first things I heard echoed in the online vegan community. I remember thinking I guess I will see for myself. My conclusion? Yes, Veganism is easier than you think. I used to think that being vegan would be difficult, if not impossible, for a cheese loving dairy meat whore like myself. Nope. I was wrong.

The options for vegans are limitless and just as varied as any omnivore diet. It just requires a passion for the lifestyle and a little creativity in the kitchen. Thankfully, I am a passionate person and love a good challenge in my kitchen to test my creative flow.

So far I really don't feel like I am missing out on anything. On the contrary I feel like I am basking in more variety and more flavorful cuisine than I have ever tasted. Sure, my cashew sour cream doesn't taste exactly like cream and my vegan cheese doesn't melt quite as beautifully as the real thing. But it doesn't matter because when I finish my plates of food I feel wholly satisfied.

Happy TGIF!

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